When I started working as a hypnotherapist I was surprised how many people came to me with anxiety problems.  Many of them, as I got to know them better, revealed that they had at one time or another used binging and purging as a form of release. 

For some people it’s something they find leaves them feeling cleansed. For others is seems an inevitable path down which they can’t avoid moving. The feeling comes, and then they realize it can only end one way.
As I worked with these clients it began to become obvious that hypnotherapy worked very effectively in the vast majority of cases. Perhaps the process of talking about the issue contributed; perhaps it was the knowledge that hypnosis effects people at a deep and profound level.

As I learned more about my friends with bulimic issues, I began to create a program based on the success I found in treating them.  While some techniques worked for some, and other techniques worked for others, I began to build a library of tools that would be available to anyone suffering this debilitating affliction.

While I see many clients personally, I also get many enquiries from people far away from my office in Vancouver. As a result I put together the Bulimia Treatment Program using downloadable MP3s. It offers you a way to share in these techniques. You can load the files directly to your mp3 player if you choose to, or run the directly from your computer. This allows you to listen discretely,  without the worry of anyone overhearing you. Simply play the file when you go to bed. The sound file will ease you to sleep while giving you subconscious instruction that will help you overcome bulimia. This isn’t magic. It works and is based on well proven psychological principals.

Together we are able to beat this. I do it all the time with other clients, and I really can do it with you too.
It’s very important you understand something as you start out on this path that will end your bulimia. There is no more shame in having bulimia than there is in have the flu. This is something you have experienced, but that does not define you. The more you remove the feelings of sadness and shame around bulimia, the more you remove its power. Soon it will be just a detail in your past.

The Bulimia Treatment Program consists of 4 sound files.

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