sugar reductionTake that pound of sugar and put it in your waistband. That's where it's headed and there's not much you can do about it. Worse, it gets there straight through your brain. Because of the the yo-yo effect of regular sugar consumption, a sugar addiction can develop, where you have to use sugar to get over the ill effects of your last hit.

Refined sugars, like tobacco and coffee, are a dangerous and powerful influence on our body. Managing the way we use sugars - our intake and our responses - is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

Historically, sugar, coffee and Tobacco all arrived in Europe within 10 years of each other. With them they brought the early seeds of what appeared benign addictions, though before long these commodities showed their true colors. The need for moderation, and the responsibility for it, dawned on the consumer.

For some moderating sugar is an issue that seems so very easy. For others it is a frustrating battle that can lead to misery and physical harm to the body.

With the aid of this therapy you will regain control of your body's desire for sugar and bring it back to a moderated and healthy level.

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